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After Tenancy Cleaning

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After Tenancy Cleaning

As a business with innovative and trustworthy approach, we have worked with many commercial landlords, as well as a selection of real estate agencies. As a result, on a regular basis we clean and restore over 100 flats across London per month upon completion of tenancy. Our after tenancy cleaning services include vacuuming and steam cleaning for carpets and carpeted areas, intense oven cleaning inside and out, extractor cleaning and bathroom services such as lime scale removal from sinks and toilets. All furniture and cupboards are cleaned thoroughly, and grime and dirt eliminated.

We also work with all types of materials to clean everything from sofas that have spillage marks to furniture and kitchen equipment of all kinds. We are made aware that landlords are determined to provide a clean and liveable standard and so at ID Cleaning we will do everything in our power to help them do just that. Furthermore, every landlord desires their flat to look immaculate for future viewings, so it is important that it is presentable for attracting the next tenant.

We have been recognised as providing a sustained and effective after tenancy cleaning service recommended time and time again, gradually gaining more experience, and credit for what we do.


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