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ICD Holdings

ICD Holdings

Located on 26-28 Conway Street with 300 plus staff members, ICD Holdings boasts a massive 6 floor site which is the headquarters of a selection of several big companies. The location needs to look clean, presentable and well-polished at all times of day, even more so due to hundreds of regular clients passing in and out for business meetings, workshops, and corporate events. The vibrant and dynamic office spaces of ICD Holdings require a fast and effective daily cleaning service, as well as quarterly deep cleans. High level cleaning is also carried out regularly for items of the office such as air conditioning units, screens, scanners, printers, phones, and desks that can easily gather dust. In addition, the interior requires paying special attention to showers, washbasins, toilets, several kitchen areas and meeting rooms. We also clean newly refurbished premises, to make sure both visitors and staff feel happy and productive in their working environment. 

Furthermore, documents and confidential information are often kept in the office premises, making the selection of highly reliable and trustworthy operatives for these sites vital.


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